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A sequel to the 'For the Sun' mix series, which showcased some timeless classic trance tunes. This mix aims to provide to the same experience, but utilising some of the bigger tunes from more recent times that has since become classics in themselves.

1. Robert Miles Children (Full Length Mix) [Arista]
2. Liquid Child Diving Faces (Vocalised Fairytale Remix) [Neo]
3. Darude Sandstorm (Original Mix) [Neo]
4. Yomanda Sunshine (Hi- Gate Remix) [Manifesto]
5. 666 D.E.V.I.L (Michael Woods Remix) [Activate]
6. Members of Mayday 10 in 01 (PVD Club Mix) [Low Spirit]
7. Slusnik Luna Sun [White Label]
8. Hi- Gate Caned & Unable [Incentive[
9. Warrior Warrior (Club Mix) [Incentive]
10. System F Out Of The Blue (System Fs 5AM Mix) [Tsunami]
11. DJ Tiesto Urban Train (Original Mix) [Nebula]
12. Push The Legacy (Club Mix) [Inferno]
13. Da Hool Meet Her At The Love Parade (Fergie Remix) [Manifesto]

Total Time: 79:36 | File Size: 109 Mb

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